You’d Better Shape Up

BATD ON Apr 23, 2009 AT 9:42 am



I have found recently that I have indulged in one too many cream eggs, just the thought of getting my bikini body in shape is making me break out in a cold sweat. Yes thanks to old Cadbury’s it’s time for some serious damage control and I have just the thing. GYMBOX has taken your average work out to the extreme with their ‘Outback Survival Workout’ session. I warn you ladies it isn’t for the faint hearted.

Australia is out on Blu-ray and DVD on 27 April and to celebrate this GYMBOX has devised a work out  based on the type of exercises Nicole Kidman did in preparation for Australia. How do prowling exercises, jumping jacks, and gruelling sliding press-ups sound? If you’re looking for a challenge try it out, visit 100 High Holborn, London WC1B 6RD, Wednesday at 6:45pm.

Visit: for further information.

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