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BATD ON Mar 03, 2009 AT 2:40 pm

Rose Byrne Centre as Ellen Parsons

Rose Byrne Centre as Ellen Parsons

I think I love Damages a bit too much! It’s kind of the law to stay in on a Sunday night and with the plot thickening on Damages season 2 I’m totally hooked. With the fabulous 24, Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl my Sky Plus is earning its keep!

If you need a midweek fix details are below of a podcast interview with Glenn Close and Rose Byrne.

Episode 3 catch up - Patty is shocked to hear evidence that Daniel previously assaulted his wife. Ellen finally uncovers that Daniel fathered Patty’s son, Michael, and reveals all to the FBI.

Glen Close in Damages

Glen Close in Damages

Local reporter Josh Renton uncovers evidence that UNR are polluting the local water supply but is accosted by UNR’s company assailants. Patty agrees to represent Daniel but he is arrested as he tries to leave the country and Tom discovers that Patty was behind it.

In next week’s episode 4, will Daniel come any closer to discovering who murdered his wife or will the evidence turn against him? Will Patty, Tom and Ellen ever get the evidence they need to confirm their suspicions about UNR polluting the water supply?

Don’t forget, you can download episodes 1-3 now on iTunes at http://www.itunes.com/tv/damages. Subsequent episodes will be available on iTunes the day after they’re broadcast on BBC One, Sundays at 10:20pm.

In this week’s exclusive podcast interview, we spoke with Glenn Close who told us more about Patty and Daniel’s relationship and what inspired Daniel to come back to Patty after all these years. We also spoke with Rose Byrne who told us what it felt like to have her character totally changed in season 2 and how working with the FBI is affecting her. For non-iTunes users, you can see the podcast interview using this link and for iTunes users, use this link.

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