David Beckham In His Pants. Your Welcome

BATD ON Jan 11, 2013 AT 10:34 am

A semi-naked David Beckham. What better, and more gratuitous, start to the weekend could you possibly ask for?

David Beckham for H&M Bodywear

But first things first. The latest images of David Beckham wearing little other than snugly fitting pants and a handsome grin, come courtesy of the lovely folk over at H&M who have been filming the footballing beauty for their latest H&M Bodywear campaign.

Not content with smoking hot shots of David, for the new season collection, which will feature military-hued as well as red and blue trimmed underwear, H&M have teamed up with Guy Ritchie to create a short film for the collaboration.

Now, just drop the towel David

Confirming what we’ve known for years, Ritchie has said, ‘David makes the perfect leading man. For me this felt more than a campaign, it was like directing a short film.” Whilst Becks himself found the whole campaign to be “a fantastic experience. I hope everyone has as much fun watching the film as I had making it.”

Honed and toned

Oh you can bet that we will, DB!

The film, and H&M David Beckham Bodywear collection, are set to be released early February. 

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