David Beckham’s Ideal Dinner Party

Mimi ON Aug 14, 2012 AT 4:55 pm

David Beckham

So we’ve all played the game, who would be your ideal dinner party guest, well it turns out David Beckham would love to have dinner with Jack Nicholson and US President Barack Obama. The difference is he can actually call them up and have them round!

Beckham has named his dream dinner party line up, and sided with royalty and political leaders over actors or musicians.

When asked his dream line up, he said: “I’d invite Jack Nicholson, Prince Harry, Prince William, Boris Johnson and President Obama.”

When asked what he’d serve for dessert, he replied: “My favourite dessert has to be treacle sponge with custard, with Ambsoisa, but I also like Angel Delight.”

David also opened up a little about his home life with wife Victoria and children Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, nine, Cruz, seven, and 13-month-old Harper, saying it is hectic trying to cope with all their children.

He added: “In our house it’s like crowd control now, we’ve got three boys with a lot of energy, so I’m always out in the garden, taking them for runs and playing all kinds of sport with them. With our little girl she’s almost walking, so it’s a case of following her around, trying to catch her when she does fall.”

David also admits he loves returning to his hometown London because he misses the UK capital, even though he loves his life with his family in Los Angeles – where he plays for soccer team LA Galaxy.

The 37-year-old sportsman added in a promotional video for supermarket Sainsbury’s: “There’s many places in the world that I’ve travelled to with my job, but I always love home to London, coming home for me is a holiday.”


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