Diana Vickers

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Diana Vickers

The 19 year old semi-finalist of 2008′s X-Factor is just about to release her debut album ‘Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree’, but what has she been up to since her talent contest days?

Her singing career took a back seat in 2008 when she performed in the West End’s revival of ‘The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’, where she played the lead role. She was said to be ‘a natural actress’ by Jim Cartwright, but others commented that she was only comfortable when holding a microphone in her hand. One thing was for sure, no one was expecting this from a young girl from Lancashire that came fourth on a talent show.

Diana has also been mentioned in the media for her partying and relationships. During the X-Factor it was her relationship with co-contestant, Eoghan Quigg, that was in the limelight and she recently commented on her mentor’s relationship; saying that Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s split is such as shame. Stories that emerged about her kissing boys in cars during the show turned into stories about her kissing boys in clubs; with the drunken pictures to match. Is she being a normal teenage girl, or is she having too much fun?

Although she is releasing her new album and song in April, unreleased material had been posted on to YouTube, which had hits in the 100,000′s. Her official website  www.dianavickersmusic.com, which has been about since 2008 now has members in the 2000s, as well as her debut song ‘Once’ having 16,470 hits in less than 24 hours. It is safe to say the Vickers bug is catching on.

One thing that has changed since her days of performing live every Saturday night are shoes! In the video for ‘Once’ she is wearing them, as opposed to performing barefoot. This boho chick has gone pop chic, yet she keeps her kooky edge when wearing a big animal print hoody with the ears to match. She also debuts her sexy side with big hair, red lips and lots and lots of leg.

Much is to come from this indie pop princess so keep an ear out for her new material.

Diana’s Album, Songs From A Tainted Cherry Tree is to be released 3rd May 2010.

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