Style Tip for 2012: Get Gay.

Mimi ON Jan 03, 2012 AT 1:37 pm

Simon Doonan is judging you.

Ready for a New Year and New You?

Forget shakes and no-carbs, what you really need is a bitchy gay BFF to tell you like it is!

Lucky, then, that pocket-gay Simon Doonan (Creative Director of Barney’s NYC & and author of ‘Gay Men Don’t Get Fat’) has shared a few choice diet and style tips with the New York Post. Here are some highlights, ladies – take note:

Eat a healthy mix of gay and straight foods.

“Here’s an example of gay foods: macaroons, lettuce, sushi,” Doonan says. “Those are all super-gay. But you can’t live on macaroons — you’ll just explode with gayness if you try. A beef burrito is about the straightest food you can get. If you want to be healthy and trim, you have to combine the two.

Surround yourself with as many gay men as possible.

“Being a fag hag is a great way to stay skinny,” says Doonan. “Gay men are always on the go. If your friends are all gay men, they’re always twirling in one direction or another. If you’re following them, you’re automatically burning calories.”

Know your lighting.

“It’s a Tennessee Williams kind of thing,” says Doonan. “Gay men are very influenced by Blanche DuBois. She always understood that it’s all about throwing a little chiffon scarf over the nearest light bulb to make sure that you have some nice peach light. Preferably backlight.”

Read the rest here! Here’s another handy tip from the official BATD gay-best-friend-in-our-heads:





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