Dinner For Schmucks

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Dinner For Schmucks

Dinner For Schmucks

Two of our favourite comedians are storming cinemas once again in Dinner for Schmucks, a film sure to be full of laughs from director Jay Roach, who also directed the Austin Powers movie series and the comedy classic Meet the Parents.

I Love You, Man star Paul Rudd plays Tim, a rising exec who needs to make a good impression on his co-workers.  After receiving an invitation to the company’s monthly “dinner for idiots” – a dinner party in which the employees must bring outlandish guests in order to amuse the boss – Tim meets Barry, played by Date Night’s Steve Carrell

A remake of the 1998 French film, The Dinner Game (Le Diner de Cons), the movie humorously details Tim’s moral dilemma of choosing whether to subject Barry, an IRS agent who spends his spare time building mouse dioramas, to ridicule in order to benefit his own career. If he goes through with the dinner, he may not only loose his integrity, but also his girlfriend, played by actress Stephanie Szostak, who wants him to go the noble route and skip the dinner.   

Tim also finds more than he’s bargained for with the outrageous and socially awkward Barry – a hilariously typical Carrel character – who unintentionally makes a mess of Tim’s career and personal life.      

The film, which will be released on 20th August, also stars Zach Galifianakis, who has become quite the sensation after last summer’s box office hit, The Hangover.  Borat’s Sacha Baron Cohen is also an executive producer of the film.  It looks like we’re in for some serious chuckles when this hits screens later this summer!

Watch the brand new trailer below starring our very own David Walliams!

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