Disney Epic Mickey

BATD ON Nov 26, 2010 AT 9:57 am

epic mickey

Disney Epic Mickey

 One of THE coolest video games is about to hits shop shelves today.  Disney Epic Mickey is an action-adventure game for the Wii console.  Mickey Mouse goes on an epic journey of creativity and discovery into Wasteland, a world of forgotten Disney projects. 

epic mickey

A level from the game

Through the use of the Wii controller, Mickey has the power to paint a new world to determine Mickey’s path to becoming an epic hero.  Players have the ability to shape how the story unfolds through a unique style of gameplay created by Disney Interactive Studios’ Junction Point—“Playstyle Matters”.  Players will get to creatively confront different challenges in the Wasteland world to explore all the different possibilities and storylines—but with consequences for each their actions. 

We’re not big gamers here at HQ, however the game has lots of archive characters that have never been on the screen before (for example the Gremlin character created by Disney and Roald Dahl in the 30s). Plus we’ve been hinted that if you get to a certain level you unlock exclusive Disney footage that’s never been seen before. 

This is the perfect gift for a youngster (7+), gaming enthusiast or Disney fanatic and it’s out today, so get in there quick! We got to preview the game earlier this week and we’re already hooked. 

Check out behind the scenes clips here:

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