Dock Them All!

Mimi ON Aug 31, 2011 AT 9:30 am

JVC lifestyle Audio systems

JVC lifestyle Audio systems

If you’re as obsessed with your iPads or iPhones as we are with ours over at BATD HQ, then you’ll love this gadget from JVC.

The new UX-VJ5/UX-VJ3 speaker system has docks for iPads, iPhones and iPods… all at the same time!

We’re not sure why you’d need all of them docked at the same time (other than to charge them), however the mere fact you can is cool enough for us. You can also rotate the iPhone and iPod dock horizontally if you need to.

It comes in five colours and we’re tempted to get one in each to go around our office (White, brown, and violet for UX-VJ5 and white, pink and green for UX-VJ3)!

From £199.99 on


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