Drew Barrymore Make-over by Jimmy Fallon

BATD ON Mar 22, 2013 AT 4:01 pm

Men wearing make-up always gets audience’s attention, but men giving make-overs is even better entertainment and a rarity, especially when seen on television. On Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show he gave already beautiful celeb Drew Barrymore quite the make-up update.

Drew Barrymore's Flower Campaign

Drew Barrymore’s Flower Campaign

Barrymore was a guest on Fallon’s show promoting her brand new cosmetic line, Flower Beauty. Using her beauty products they played a little game of “Russian Rougette” (named by Fallon himself) and painted each others’ faces:

If you look past the hilarity of this incident you can see the creamy consistency and flattering colours of the Flower palette. If Jimmy Fallon can rock that petal pink lipstick , so can you this Spring!

Flower Beauty Makeup

Flower Beauty is available online at Walmart.com.

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