Emilie De Ravin

BATD ON Mar 25, 2010 AT 5:50 pm

Emilie De Ravin

The film Remember Me is obviously receiving a lot of publicity because it’s male lead is none other than Edward Cullen, but the actress along side him is also applause- worthy. Emilie De Ravin, why plays optimistic Ally in the film, has definitely caught our eye.

The Australian born actress was actually once a dancer, attending a highly competitive school for ballet in Australia, but left after one year, instead picking up acting. She got her start on the show BeastMaster, but soon moved on to bigger and better things. When receiving word that Roswell had a role to fill, she moved to Los Angeles and got the part of Tess, an Alien.

After a long TV career, De Ravin moved onto film in 2005 in the indie film Brick, where she played a murdered teenager. This well received film gained her recognition, and she went on to have roles in movies including The Hills Have Eyes and Public Enemies. Most recently, De Ravin has been portraying Claire on the Emmy Award winning show Lost, which is currently in its highly anticipated final season.

Though she has enough of her own fans, she found filming in the midst of Pattinson’s screaming Twi-hard fans to be a little overwhelming. She didn’t let is stop her from developing a relationship with Pattinson off screen however. She thinks this real-life friendship adds to the pair’s chemistry in the film.

We can’t wait to see Remember Me, and are looking forward to seeing both of them in their other upcoming projects!

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