Entourage Season 5

Mimi ON Sep 11, 2009 AT 2:50 pm

Entourage Season 5

Entourage Season 5

Get caught up in the world of A-list stars and celebrities with the Emmy Award winning, comedic drama Entourage. HBO Home Entertainment will release the 5th season on DVD Monday, September 14th. The series continues to follow the comical experiences of partying and finding love in the world of show business. The show is loosely based on actor Mark Wahlberg and his friends’ experiences in Hollywood. He’s also an executive producer of the show. 

The series begins where the fourth season left off, just after the film premiere of Medellin at the Cannes Film Festival, Vince finds himself struck off the A-list and unemployed. No studio will hire him and his clever agent Ari (Jeremy Piven) has failed to get him any work. Luckily things aren’t all bad for the entourage, it’s looking up for Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) who nabs himself a celebrity girlfriend along with Drama (Kevin Dillon) who has gained suspiring success in his new TV show.

The DVD is loaded with special features of behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast and crew and hilarious commentaries by writers and producers Ally Musika & Doug Ellin, Adrian Grenier (Vince), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), and Kevin Connolly (Eric).

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