Entourage Series 7

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Entourage Series 7

Entourage Series 7

Vince, E, Turtle, Drama and (of course) Ari are back this summer in the new series of Entourage. Series 6 ended with Vince and Drama travelling to Rome to shoot a new film and Eric proposing marriage to on-again off-again girlfriend, Sloan. So, what can we expect for series 7?  HBO, the production company behind Entourage, is keeping spoilers tightly under wraps, but we were able to find a few hints for what’s in store for the gang:

In the season premiere Vince will begin filming a new big-budget action movie. The director manages to talk Vince into doing his own stunts, which Ari and Eric will not be happy about. Turtle has a new business venture, but he’ll still be nursing a broken heart after his break up with Jamie Lynn Sigler. Ari will be attempting to expand his empire by getting involved with the NFL (aka the American Football League). Lloyd will finally get his chance to prove himself as an agent with Drama will be one of his clients. Although it’s unconfirmed, we can assume that Eric and Sloane’s engagement will also have a big role in the season.

As always, Entourage has a parade of celebrities on tap to guest star this season including Jessica Simpson, Sasha Grey, Bob Saget, John Stamos and Mike Tyson. Additionally, executive producer Mark Wahlberg confirmed that a film adaptation of the series is in development.

If you’re still hungry for more Entourage scoop catch Jeremy Piven on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on CNBC. Entourage series 7 beings airing in the US on June 27. I have yet to find out when ITV2 is airing it over here, will keep you posted. Everyone loves this show in the UK why is it so tucked away and hard to see?

Watch the preview for the series 7 below

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