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Mimi ON Jul 30, 2010 AT 9:57 am

Cat Deeley for Pantene Aqualight

Cat Deeley for Pantene Aqualight

By Emma Skipper 

At the beginning of this week, Cat Deeley was announced as the newest face (or head) of Pantene Pro-V and I was lucky enough to get to sit down with her and discuss her new role, her love of vintage and her childhood penchant for moustaches. 

We’d arranged to meet in the exquisite Spatisserie below the Dorchester Hotel, although I very nearly didn’t make it as I was so enthralled by the WALL of Essie nail polishes  in the treatment room (oh, the curse of having the attention span of a 3-year-old and the fancies of a Magpie!). Once I’d torn myself away from the pedi-chairs and pastel polishes, I was humbly greeted by the lovely Cat Deeley who looked gorgeous in a very pretty high waisted skirt, tangerine top and beaming smile. 

Cat was clearly very excited by her latest venture as the face of Pantene Pro-V saying: “As a little girl you’d see all those commercials with these gorgeous women switching their hair looking so confident and full of life… I was kind of amazed when they said asked me to be honest! It was really very flattering.” 

She was incredibly modest and down-to-earth about the signing and it showed as she discussed how important it was that she represented “affordable products that most women can buy and ones that do what they say on the tin”, and she seems to have found that range with Pantene and in particular with their newest range Aqua Light

Cat reminisced: “On the first day of shooting for the commercial they used Aqua Light on my hair and I hadn’t used it for so long the smell brought back such nostalgic memories for me! It took me back to bath nights on a Sunday and my mum washing my hair – I was about 6-years-old – before I went to school on a Monday. It was exactly that smell!” 

Tom Selleck in Magnum PI

Tom Selleck in Magnum PI

As she reminisced she remembered how she used sit in front of the TV watching Magnum P.I. as she had her hair dried saying “Mummy, isn’t Magnum such a LOVELY man!” Well, clearly she was a trend setter at a very young age as the very moustached Tom Selleck went on to be the heart throb family doctor Monica dates in Friends years later! 

Moving on from underage crushes, Cat took me through the new range saying that although the super light conditioner is slightly too light for her thick hair, she LOVES the Leave-In Conditioner Spray

She said: “When I’m working I like to not wash or style my hair so I like to mist some sea salt spray over it. But this actually dries it out due to the salt, whereas this Pantene spray makes my hair lovely and wavy, refreshes it and nourishes it at the same time!” 

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