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Ramona and Beezus

Ramona and Beezus

The movie Ramona and Beezus, out this week, is a story about two sisters and their family.  Ginnifer Goodwin plays the girls’ favourite aunt, Aunt Bea.  Bea’s life gets complicated when her ex Hobart, played by Josh Duhamel comes back into her life.  Check out the exclusive Q & A with Ginnifer about the movie here:

What was it about the character of Aunt Bea that appealed to you?

I was honored to play the part because Aunt Bea is Ramona’s favourite relative. […]  Like Ramona, she was the misunderstood one growing up and had to live in the shadow of her perfect big sister, Ramona and Beezus’ mother.  She deeply respects and understands Ramona.

What is her journey in the film all about?

The love of her life, her high school sweetheart Hobart comes back to town and nothing about his reappearance in her life seems practical.  His mother lives next door to the Quimbys and his nephew is Ramona’s best friend. So Bea is suddenly forced to face this man who broke her heart when they were eighteen years old.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer plays Ramona's favourite aunt in the movie

What was it like working with Josh?

Dreamy. I have known Josh a long time because we were both in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton years ago. […]  Working with him was great. He is incredibly dedicated and really helped me if I was having a hard time finding certain moments. And of course, he’s dreamy and he’s fun. When they told me they were talking about casting him, I suddenly could not see anyone else in that part because he is exactly Hobart. He has a heart of gold but would make you swoon and would be undeniably forgivable (laughs) if you know what I mean?

This movie is very relevant, isn’t it? It coincidentally mirrors what millions of families are going through right now with the economy because the Quimby family has financial problems.

I think that is true. It is a family film and it will remind everyone what is fundamentally important in life.   At the end of the day, what matters is the family’s love.

Ramona and Beezus

Ginnifer and Josh are lovers in the movie

Did you encounter any sibling rivalry as a child?

Absolutely.  […] I think you have to have growing pains and I think that a certain amount of competitiveness between sisters is healthy and important because it drives us and motivates us.

How would you sum up your style? You always look gorgeous.

I’m very girly. I’m a sucker for flea markets and vintage. I am not only interested in high design, but I also love exaggerated proportions, interesting textures, really bright colors, and I like things that are a little asymmetrical. I don’t know if I could label how I dress but people have been telling me recently that they would call my style a little French. I don’t know what that means, but I like it.  By the way, Stella McCartney is my favorite designer. I am a vegan and her entire line of clothes and accessories is vegan.

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