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BATD ON Oct 29, 2010 AT 1:30 pm

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

At the launch of Tommy Hilfiger’s LOUD fragrance, we caught up with model Daisy Lowe, the face of the campaign.  Daisy loves baking cakes and shoes, so we got on great! Check out our exclusive Q&A with her below.

Daisy has great skin, she has a very natural glow. So what’s your getting ready to go out routine?

I always have to wash my face. I think clean skin is a good way to start. I do have regular facials.

Are you good at putting your own makeup on?

Yeah, it’s been a while learning, watching makeup artists do it, so I’m pretty good now. I love Laura Mercier and MAC’s Mineralize Blushes, I love those, they’re really good.  There’s a really good one called Sun and Moon that I really like.  That was my summer blush and now I’m going for like a rosier one.  I use Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara and then I’m always wearing so much lip balm—that’s kind of my vice.  I’m a lip balm freak.

Which one do you like?

I have loads of different ones, but at the moment I’m using Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips, it’s so good, plus I love the MAC Lip Conditioner that’s good too.

Daisy Lowe Loud

Daisy Lowe for LOUD

So, it’s getting cold, what are your must haves for a winter wardrobe?

Biker boots as bloody always, these ones are by Tommy Hilfiger actually.

Have you got a hundred pairs of biker boots?

No, I’ve got about five.  I’ve got combat boots, of course.  I’ve got two pairs of combat boots and two pairs of motorcycle boots and plus these.  Oh, and a pair of Edwardian lace-up boots…

Where do you like to buy your heels from?

Ooh, Nicholas Kirkwood, love his shoes.  Miu Miu, love their heels, always, and of course Prada as well as, that family of stuff.  Who else does shoes that I really like?  Chanel shoes, can’t really go wrong with a pair of Chanel heels.

Are you a shoes or a bag girl?

Shoes.  But I do have lots of bags too, but no it’s shoes.  I’ve got so many pairs of shoes.

Have you got your eye on a new bag for this season?

Yeah, I’ve ordered my black Alexa from Mulberry.  I need that so bad, I’m getting it in black.

Daisy had bags of liquorice in her room and has been trying to wean herself of sugar, she was told if you go 5 days without it become easier to resist. But she has yet to go further than day 4, I was impressed with that. What’s your weakness?  Sorry to make you talk about chocolate…

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe at the BodyAmr Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show

Oh no, it’s fine, go for it.  My weakness, oh, loads of different things.  Cake, I love cakes, because I love baking.  Like I was saying earlier, I love baking, have you checked out Gizzy Erskine recipes?  She makes an amazing chocolate and Guinness cake with cream cheese icing.  It’s literally the best thing in the world.  Like it’s the best cake I’ve ever made.

We’ve got a cake editor on our website, she used to work at the Fat Duck and we do a Thank Cake It’s Friday recipe every Friday.

Oh, that’s amazing!

It’s safe to say we’re a bit cake mad at batd.com and actually having an editor on the site.

Yeah, cake editor.  I’d love to be cake editor.  When this all goes to shit can I be the cake editor?

Are you a bit of a homebody then, with all this home cooking?

Yeah, huge homebody.  I like making my home really pretty and everybody calls me OCDaisy because I clean obsessively.

We wanted to be invited to Daisy’s clean house, inspect her shoes and eat that cake, but settled for sharing her liquorice and seeing her at the party afterwards in Berlin. She’s a great choice for the female face of Loud, as she does have a more genuine rock and roll look and yet still manages to look super pretty and healthy.

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