Exclusive Q&A: Susan Sarandon

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Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps premieres today (6th October) but before the flick hit cinemas, Susan Sarandon answered a few movie-related questions during an interview in New York. 

Q: What are own your views on the corruption and greed that led to the financial collapse? 

A: “Well I have been asking for years for someone to explain hedge funds to me and what seems like the selling of nothing. I was never tempted to go in that direction so it didn’t come as a surprise when everything collapsed because I never understood how it was staying afloat in the first place. I think that Shia’s character Jake is choosing real life and focusing on a relationship, not just on wheeling and dealing on Wall Street. But the film is a fun caper it’s not just a morality tale.” 

Q: Have we learned anything though do you think from the crash? 

A: “I think as people have found themselves stranded and dropped from jobs that they put decades into, or jobs and businesses that they thought they had, they are now thinking about their value systems in a different way and are starting to go into more entrepreneurial, creative and less corporate jobs – at least the ones who have been able to gather strength after everything has fallen apart.  

The people who have the confidence and creativity to look outside are starting their own smaller businesses and I think that’s really been fabulous.  My character ultimately goes back to nursing and she is obviously a people person who is good at her job, so maybe in the end she’s happier doing that.” 

Q: Can you discuss the theme of greed and avarice that the film examines? 

A: “We got to the point in Government and business where there was absolutely no transparency. And there still doesn’t seem to be in any kind of long-term concerns. 

Look at what we’re doing to the environment. And the thing that’s so frustrating is that they (Governments and business) never seem to be held accountable. Look at the BP [oil spill] and what is going on right now. There’s just no overview in terms of how we spend our money or what we’re doing to the environment, or the world we are giving our children. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of concern for the people they are trampling over  – the fact that the spill could happen – BP had so many violations. You would think that we would learn. 

I think it’s the same in business, people are just plowing forward with no sense of responsibility towards other people and absolutely no conscience.” 

Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps

Q: How do you feel about being such a role model and icon for women? 

A: “I know I’m thought of that way but from the inside I don’t really feel it all. I feel like all my choices have been difficult and I’ve had great women ahead of me and behind me who have been role models to me. You know when people talk about me as an icon I’m very flattered and I’m happy to know that I’m leading a band of   women with very healthy appetites who are still sensual and interested and are viewed as having secrets which is great as you get  older, because when I look back  at myself when I was younger I just think ‘did I know anything?’ (laughs).  You can look at me then and the face is pretty … but it’s pretty empty compared to what I see now and the people who have brought me to this point. 

I love women and I think what women do on a day to day basis in the scope of the bigger picture is just absolutely remarkable. So I feel like I’m just following the crowd, not that I’m leading and that I’ve made choices that I’ve had to make and that I’ve been pleased to make. You just keep moving forward and say ‘yes’ to life.” 

Q: Coming back to WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, what would you say is the overall appeal of the movie? 

A: “I think its incredibly entertaining and it’s a great kind of ‘who dunnit’. I hope some of it gets people up in arms when they see the way things turn out. Frank Langella gives the movie a great heart. You see people even within that system of Wall Street struggling and being ruined too. I think there are a lot of fantastic characters and performances in the movie. 

Overall I think that it’s a great ride and you will get a good bang for your buck when you go to see it.” 

Make sure you head down to your local cinema to see this film as we’re super excited about it! 

Watch the trailer below: 


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