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Mimi ON Dec 29, 2011 AT 9:31 am

The Boxettes photoshoot

The Boxettes photoshoot

We came across this band a few months ago whilst traipsing through a field at this year’s Secret Garden Party and have been completely hooked ever since! The Boxettes are a 5-piece girl band that are best known for their a cappella beat-boxing tracks and were formed around Bellatrix, the Female Beatboxing World Champion.

We caught up with the band on a photoshoot last week and found out a little more about them… and read through to the end and you can see their amazing new track ‘Free‘ which is ridiculously good considering there are no instrumentals (if you’re even more curious visit Bellatrix’s YouTube channel).

How did you all get into beat boxing?

We all got into beatboxing though Bellatrix (Belle)

Why did you choose A Cappella? Is there a lot of competition out there for this genre?

We didn’t set out to choose A Cappella and it’s not necessarily our thing, we like to be seen as a band.

What are all your individual styles?

The Boxette style!!! Basically… mish-mash.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Do you find it hard incorporating them all into the overall style of the band?

All – Simple answer = YES!!

How about the music. Do you all have specific styles/techniques/skills that you bring to the band?

We all have specific sounds….Yvette is the shaker, Kate is the session vocalist, Neo does the low register, Alyusha is on lip bass and sounds and Belle is beats and bass.

What are your favourite items used in today’s shoot.

Yvette – My high top Reeboks
– The Motel maxi skirt
– The Cameo baggy harems
– The Motel Ozlem skirt
– My motel Nancy dress

We love our beauty here at BATD HQ, what are each of your beauty must haves? What could you not leave the house without?

Neo – Eye brow pencil
– Mascara
8 hour cream
Touche Eclat
– My hoodie… haha!!

Which are your favourite beauty items used on today’s shoot?

Nars Eyeshadow and Mac Illuminator

What are your plans for the future?

We like to think we’re built for existence so world domination and to make a positive difference!!! :)

Watch their video for ‘Free‘ below:

To find out more about the band, visit their website, www.theboxettes.co.uk


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