Fancy A Night in Alcatraz?!

Mimi ON Mar 13, 2012 AT 4:00 pm

Welcome to Hotel Alcatraz

Hotel Alcatraz, a pop-up hotel in Kings Cross, invites the public to spend a night as a prisoner at the world’s toughest hotel, if you’re brave enough.

Alcatraz Hotel has just 4 cells, all modelled after San Francisco’s infamous prison. Each 5’ by 9’ room contains a replica of a typical prisoner’s allowances, including a cot, sink, prison-style toilet, metal food tray and drinking cups. Guests will also be issued a standard uniform and have their mugshot taken upon arrival.

While at Hotel Alcatraz, prisoners are expected to carry out typical prison tasks like physical exercise, we hear there is a knitting and a lego task under the watch of  staff, (or stand-in prison wardens). After a hard day of work, guests will receive an Alcatraz standard meal, served with the best quality food so as to prevent rioting in the cells!

Mugshots at Hotel Alcatraz

Really, what’s this about, you are thinking?! The hotel is in association with the launch of the new drama thriller series, Alcatraz on UKTV.

Executively produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek, Super 8), Alcatraz centres on the infamous prison and the disappearance (and reappearance) of many of the guards and prisoners after its closure in 1963. The cast includes stars Parminder Nagra, Sam Neill, and Lost favourite Jorge Garcia.

Alcatraz airs on UKTV’s entertainment channel Watch (Sky 109 and Virgin TV 124) on Tuesday, 13 March at 9 p.m.

Room at Hotel Alcatraz

Guests can brave Hotel Alcatraz, located at 25-28 Field Street, Kings Cross, London, now through 17 March 2012. To book, visit starting midday 13 March.

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