Fictional Characters We’d Like To Marry

Mimi ON Mar 05, 2013 AT 3:40 pm

Disney may well have given us unrealistic expectations about hair but the rest of the movie and entertainment industry are just as accountable for creating a whole host of super-handsome and successful, romantic but dangerous and above-all unrealistic male offerings.

Currently the hot topic on Twitter, under the hashtag #FictionalCharactersIWantToMarry, you’ll find all manner of weird, wonderful and down right out-of-this-world characters being heralded as the man that dreams are made of. And surprisingly whilst there is naturally the odd mention of Christian Greys and Ryan Gosling in Drive, it seems the world’s women are looking for something altogether more dangerous and unusual to spend an eternity with than the type of men we see wandering around London’s W1 of a lunchtime.

Ryan Gosling in Drive

Case in point. Here in the Beauty and the Dirt office we’ve been discussing our personal Fictional Character I Want To Marry options, and whilst Don Draper’s name came up more often than most, we’re not entirely sure we’d like to marry him.

Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast

“Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast. I could quite happily live in the Costa del Sol with Ray sunning himself in speedos and I’d definitely warm to being called ‘Treacle’.”

John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank

“There’s just something about John Cusack’s character Martin Q. Blank in Grosse Point Blank. The darkness, the danger, the guns, need I say more?” Clearly not!

Meanwhile for me, its Johnny Depp as any character in any film, yes, even Edward Scissorhands. And I’ve been told categorically that no, David Beckham in the H&M advert, does not count. . . . Shame, because obviously I would have had a shot at that one!

David Beckham for H&M





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