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Lily Tomlin in Grandma

Grandma is the quirky tale of a teenager facing an unplanned pregnancy, too afraid to tell her mother seeks help from her grandma, Elle (Lily Tomlin).

Elle is a lesbian poet estranged from her daughter and coping with the recent death of her long-term life partner. Having just ended a 4 month relationship with a girlfriend Olivia, she receives an unexpected visit from her 18-year old granddaughter, Sage. The pair embark on a journey to combat life’s imperfections and frustrations, digging up some secrets along the way; with the most important things… wisdom and a hint of humour.

We went to see Grandma; and we really liked it’s unconventional yet personal message. It’s one we recommend you go see for yourself.

Interview with Paul Weitz

Grandma was written, produced and directed by Paul Weitz. The film premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival on January 30th and was the closing night film. Here’s what Paul himself had to say about what inspired him when writing the script, the process of filming and what he message he wants you all to take from the movie…

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Lily Tomlin with Paul Wietz

Where did the idea for the film come from? Where there any characters inspired by people in your life?
I had the idea in different forms, but it only clicked when I worked with Lily (Tomlin) on the film Admission. I didn’t know her that well, but her intelligence rang like a clear bell. It made me think of a character and how much that character would have to offer a young woman under duress. I really don’t know where it all came from. But I returned to the same dingy cafe every day to write it in a small white notebook.

How long did it take you to write the script?
I thought about it in some form or other for a few years, and then wrote the first draft in about a month. Then I messed with it for a few more months.

How many days did it take to shoot?
Nineteen days.

Was the story changed a lot from the script to shooting?
No, it wasn’t.

Can you tell us about a scene that turned out better than on-set than you imagined when writing the script?
A number of scenes turned out better than I imaged, because I was fortunate in casting. That’s what I hope for, and it’s probably why I write plays and movies as opposed to fiction.

What do you hope that audience will take away from Grandma?
The film is largely about moving on from loss through wit and empathy and the ability to say “screw you”. I just hope a splinter of it will lodge in their memory…


Watch the trailer here:


Grandma is in cinemas 11th December 2015.


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