Trailer: Footloose Gets Remade

Mimi ON Jun 28, 2011 AT 11:10 am



It’s generally a good rule not to mess with perfection, so we were slightly skeptical about a remake of the 80’s classic ‘Footloose’.  However after seeing the newly released trailer for the new film, we’ve definitely changed our tune!

Boston-native Kenny Wormald fills Kevin Bacon’s dancing shoes as Ren McCormack, an outsider who moves to the ultra-conservative town of Bomont after a tragedy at the local high school. He quickly meets Ariel Moore (played by Ryan Seacrest’s fiancee Julianna Hough), the rebellious preacher’s daughter, and falls in love with her (through a series of seriously intense dance scenes, of course). Like in the original, Ariel’s father leads the town’s anti-dancing crusade, while Ren and Ariel fight against him to get the dancing ban lifted.

The film’s plot stays true to the original, just with a heavier, rock-influenced soundtrack and grittier feel, breathing new life into the remake. Though there were many problems with casting during pre-production (Zac Efron and Chace Crawford both dropped out of playing Ren’s role!), the cast looks great and Wormald’s Boston accent is irresistible! Plus we’re all very jealous of Julianne Hough’s killer bod!

Check out the new trailer here:

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