Tom Daley’s Girlfriend Takes to Twitter

Mimi ON Aug 01, 2012 AT 9:57 am

Tom Daley and Kassidy Cook

Tom Daley has received an awful lot of attention via twitter since the start of the Olympics, and after falling victim to an abusive remark earlier this week, the young diver’s supporters have rallied around him – among them, fellow diver and girlfriend 17-year-old American, Kassidy Cook.

Wait, girlfriend? Tom Daley? Yes, that’s right, we said girlfriend! Sorry, ladies but it looks like this one might be true. Following the blast on Daley, Cook took to twitter saying: “don’t worry, you’ll get them in the individuals! Miss you!”, and then “He is such a great guy. There are some truly foul people out there!”

Cook, who didn’t qualify for the Olympic team this year, probably due to a shoulder injury, isn’t Tom’s first object of affection hailing from the US. In his autobiography, “My Story”, Tom recalls his fling with American Mary Beth Dunnichay back in 2008. After forming a close friendship with Cook however, it wasn’t long before the two became an item.

British diver Tonia Couch, and friend of the two love birds, claims they are a good couple. . . and a hot couple as well.

But Cook may have a bit of a fight on her hands as ex-Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedie has also been tweeting her support for the ripped diver. Cheryl sent him a public message tweeting, “I think you are amazing!” and then asking the 18 year old, “Will you teach me how to swan dive?”

To which Daley cheekily responded “Of course!!! But first you need to follow me ;)”


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