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Two Flowe(RED) poster advertisements.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner for all of you romantics out there! If you haven’t worked out what you’re getting your loved one yet, why not get them a gift that keeps in giving with Flowe(RED).

Flowe(RED) is the online service from (RED) that will help save lives this Valentine’s Day. Cat Deeley (the Brit TV host on So You Think You Can Dance), even helped launch Flowe(RED) at Covent Garden last year (pictured here).

Flowe(RED) launch

Cat Deeley at the Flowe(RED) launch in London-Covent Garden 2. Feb.

(RED) is the very celebrity endorsed campaign (think Bono and Penelope Cruz) that helps raise awareness toward HIV and AIDS. Flowe(RED) is teaming up with Flamingo Flowers to make some romantic floral creations. These beautiful flowers are 100% ethically sourced, that will turn into one of the most powerful ways to say, “I love you!”

These bouquets are beautifully crafted and you can choose from 18 different designs; some incorporating the traditional rose, and others have a little twist that can make these gifts unique to each person.

All of the profit goes directly to The Global Fund, which is partnered with (RED). The donations help those who face the challenge of living every day with HIV, or AIDS. The Global Fund helps these families continue caring for themselves as well as help them contribute to their countries both socially and economically. One of the absolute main focuses of Flowe(RED), as well as The Global Fund, is to help eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV by the year 2015.

So it’s simple really, before you go out to buy your beau just a regular bouquet of a dozen roses and some chocolate – if they’re lucky -give them a gift that will make someone else’s Valentine’s too from Flowe(RED)!

A little extra info:

A few of the bouquets have a special Valentine’s Day offer, which are noted on the website. For those of you who are feeling in the extra giving mood, you can receive the famous love story, Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Bontë for only £4.50.


Bouquets from left: Vintage Love, Red (RED) Roses, and Lily Rose Opera.

Vintage Love: £66

Lily Rose Opera: £40.50

Red (RED) Roses: £28.50

Order & Delivery information: Order by 1p.m. on 12. Feb for Valentine’s Day delivery, so you can make sure it gets there on time! Also, delivery IS included!

Price Range: £22.00-£66.00


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