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What do you get when you lump together a group of high school rejects, who combined become an all singing, all dancing group? The answer would be the latest US phenomenon Glee. Since its successful premiere in May (largely thanks to its conveniently placed slot after the final of American Idol) Glee mania has swept the States, and now it’s arrived in the UK premiering on E4 December 15th , but this certainly is not just another High School Musical.

Will you watch Glee?

Will you watch Glee?

Brought to you by Nip/Tuck genius Ryan Murphy, most insiders predicted failure before the pilot aired, no musical drama has been successful since fame…how wrong they were. With a relatively unknown cast, there is a character everyone can relate to from the dumb jock, to the misfits, cheerleaders and class nerd, all who come together for the after school Glee Club led by Spanish teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison).

 With their covers of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab and Kayne West’s Gold Digger spurning tribute Youtube Videos and facebook groups full of self confessed ‘Gleeks’, it seems they have created a monster…word on the grapevine is that Madonna has even agreed for them to cover one of her songs, can it get any bigger? Watch it and see.

On tonight as a double bill on E4, it’s on our Sky Plus Series Link….tell us what you think tomorrow

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Check out the clip below…

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