Gosling and Depp: Are the Rumours True?

BATD ON Jul 29, 2013 AT 4:01 pm

If you weren’t a Star Wars fan before, you are sure to be now. Why? Two words. Ryan. Gosling. Hell yes, Ryan Gosling, he of the somewhat unrealistic romanticism of The Notebook, sexiness of Drive and Crazy Stupid Love, and not forgetting rather gorgeous face of the ever-popular “Hey Girl” meme’s, is rumoured to play Luke Skywalker’s son in the latest Star Wars movie, ‘Star Wars Episode VII’.

Ryan Gosling rumored for 'Star Wars' roles.

Ryan Gosling rumored for ‘Star Wars’ roles.

He may well be the only reason we will ever, willingly, spend two hours in a darkened room – actively enjoying a sci-fi film. It is believed that Gosling will star in the highly-anticipated Star Wars epic alongside original actors Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. In addition, although not quite as exciting ( to us at least) is the news that Zac Efron, of High School Musical fame, is also rumoured to be joining the all-star wars cast.

With nothing set in stone, the actor’s rep even denying rumours and Gosling even stating earlier this year that he was looking to take a break from the acting circuit, you can guarantee that this is the one and only time we’re praying for Star Wars rumours to be true.

As one silver screen actor takes a (possible) step forward, another (hot) one may cut his ties completely.

And the man in question is Johnny Depp, who may be retiring from acting.

Johnny Depp, American actor, may be ending his acting career in the near future.

Johnny Depp, American actor, may be ending his acting career in the near future.

The three-time Oscar nominee told BBC Breakfast that he is “probably not too far away” from quitting acting completely.

Although it wasn’t a huge success, you can see Depp for what may be one of the last times in his latest film “The Lone Ranger.” Johnny Depp also will be staring in several films that are in the works for 2015. Keep your schedule open as the times you’ll be able to see the award-winning actor on the big screen are dwindling!


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