A Spot of Bother on Twitter for Demi

BATD ON Dec 18, 2009 AT 1:08 pm

Demi Moore strikes a pose for Twitter fans

Demi Moore strikes a pose for Twitter fans

Demi Moore had to face some criticism from a fan on Twitter who dared to scrutinize her looks.  The Hollywood actress, who has 2.4 million followers on Twitter, recently posted a selection of pics on her Twitter page.

The four-photo collage shows Moore sitting at a desk holding out her hand. The words ‘Love wanted and given’ are written on her palm.

However a Twitter follower named Kaan Uluer had something else to say and responded, ‘sorry but you look old…specially your neck and cheeks (sic) at the second shot… I’m really sorry’.
Demi Moore, who denies having work done despite long-circulating rumours of £200,000 worth of plastic surgery, replied, ‘I’m 47 – how I am supposed to look?’

Dozens of followers then lept to her defence with supportive Tweets.
If we were married to Ashton Kutcher and looked like Demi Moore at 47 we certainly wouldn’t mind…

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