Adele Has a New Man

Mimi ON Jan 04, 2012 AT 2:26 pm

Adele simon-konecki

Adele with her new man Simon Konecki.

Adele has been spotted kissing a new man during a romantic holiday, lucky girl!

The 23-year-old singer was seen hugging and locking lips with a bearded man in Florida. He has been identified as Simon Konecki, the boss of the charity Drop4Drop.

Simon looks a lot like the very lovely Zach Galifianakis, who Adele recently revealed she has a crush on, us girls love a funny man. Adele has said before, ”If they make me laugh, I’m in the bed.”

They enjoyed a trip to the Everglades National Park near Miami and were later seen on an airboat, reports British newspaper The Sun.

Adele recently said she finally felt ready for a relationship.

Her smash hit album 21 was inspired by her break-up with an ex-boyfriend and she admitted she had been holding on to her bitter feelings for too long.

“Not having someone to share all this with made me miserable at times, to be honest,” she told Billboard magazine. “I wanted nothing more than to be in love and be loved back. That was until I remembered I was sharing it with millions and millions and millions of people!! I haven’t been ready to be in love again since summer 2009… until now. And I hadn’t met anyone along the way who’s changed that.”

Lovely story, we feel all tingly and we hope this is the start of happier times for Adele, but don’t stop writing brilliant songs for us please

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