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Cosmic Energy by Anne Jirsch

Cosmic Energy by Anne Jirsch

I am often asked who I go to for readings and who I can recommend to friends who are in need of some answers or independent advice from a psychic that is tried and tested. Well they don’t get much better than Anne Jirsch, who I am also thrilled to say writes our weekly horoscope column.

You could say that the stars have aligned for author and renowned psychic Anne Jirsch. She has years of experience in a number of areas in her field, including Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Tarot card reading, and spiritual healing energy.

Anne works closely developing ideas and techniques with Paul McKenna, who she’s known for years. I’m not the only one who speaks to Anne for business advice, Paul Duddridge, LA entertainment coach says she has been consistantly accurate for him for over 8 years, he goes to Anne before approaching anyone else for her insight and reliable words or wisdom.

The Future Is Yours, by Anne

The Future Is Yours, by Anne

As a successful author, she has seen her accomplishments with a number of titles. Instant Intuition offers the tools to discover the answers to your life’s personal questions; Cosmic Energy helps readers harness the power of the universe by delving into life’s purpose, positive connections, and wellbeing; The Future is Yours features the Future Life Progression technique, this is the most recent one I have read and I couldn’t put it down. I sat and read it in one sitting and felt like a different person afterwards.

Future Life Progression is a new, amazing technique created by Jirsch. It’s already gained popularity with many of her celebrity clients and is sure to catch onto the mainstream. Enabling you to look into your own future 10, 20, even 50 years from now and learn how to clear your head and move forward in your life. You can use it to find love, reveal hidden talents or speed up your future success. If you’re curious about what the world will be like in the future you can even download a free session onto your iPod from her website.

Through personal life experiences and now a career as a professional consultant, Jirsch is gaining more creditability than ever and has an international following that includes celebrities, politicians, and the heads of industries. She has received rave reviews from colleagues in her field, including English hypnotist Paul McKenna. He has said, “Anne Jirsch possesses a remarkable clairvoyant ability and gives high quality information.”

I have given Anne’s details to countless friends who have been to her for readings and all of them have been impressed with the results and feel comforted and positive after meeting her. The thing that I like about Anne is that she is just a regular and warm person who has been there and done it or met someone who has, so even just chatting to her without the session you feel at ease and better for meeting her.

For more information about Anne you can visit her site,

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