Arquette’s Charitable Ettiquete

Mimi ON Sep 20, 2011 AT 11:25 am

David Arquette gifts his goody bags to charity

David Arquette gifts his goody bags to charity

Season 13 of the US version of Strictly, “Dancing with the Stars”, only kicked off last night, but one of its stars is already making news.

David Arquette (who you may recognise from the Scream movies and being the ex of Courtney Cox) has donated his “Dancing with the Stars” gift basket to charity. It’s not just a regular goodie bag though as it’s worth over £30,000 and includes spa treatments, skin care goodies, jewellery, luggage, handbags, and bikini waxes!

Well, clearly he doesn’t need any of these things, but who’s the lucky winner of this awesome gift bag? The home builders of Habitat for Humanity! If anyone needs pampering, it’s those who spend their time taking care of others.

This generous gesture may have just earned David some extra votes to keep him on the show but I’m not sure what builders are going to do with bikini waxes…

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