Ashley Who?

Mimi ON Feb 23, 2010 AT 11:42 am

Cheryl Cole

Proving that Ashley Cole is the last thing on her mind, Cheryl Cole spent the night with a hot American dancer, or so her PR team want us to believe – we ain’t buying it one bit! They say Cheryl sought comfort from professional performer Derek Hough after texting her husband, soccer star Ashley Cole, to tell him their marriage was over and he should move out of their marital home.

Cheryl, 26, fled the UK for Los Angeles last week after lurid allegations of Ashley cheating on her with five other women emerged.  Derek arrived at the London hotel in West Hollywood to see Cheryl at around 7.30pm on Sunday – the day she texted Ashley – accompanied by his terrier dog, and left at around 4am, smiling – oh that’s a nice convenient time to ‘sneak’ out.  An onlooker told The Sun newspaper: “He looked very pleased with himself.” Derek, 24, has enjoyed a string of lunch dates and openly flirted with Cheryl while they have been in Los Angeles. Again – sorry we are just not buying it – let the poor girl just grieve, I think the last thing she will be bothered about right now is going on a string of dates. We say shop!

Will we be seeing more of Derek on Cheryl’s arm?

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