Britney’s Parents Reconcile

Mimi ON Nov 16, 2010 AT 10:22 am

Lynne and Jamie Spears

Lynne and Jamie Spears

Britney Spears’ parents have got back together.

Lynne and Jamie Spears – – who have three grown-up children, Britney, Bryan and Jamie-Lynn – divorced eight years ago after 30 years of marriage but friends say they have now reconciled and are happier than ever.

One pal told People magazine: “They are back together and are doing well and happy. They’re not remarried but back together.” 

The couple were recently spotted at Los Angeles bar Boudoir and onlookers say they were having fun as they danced to some of daughter Britney’s greatest hits.

One said: “They were in a great mood together. They were laughing together – dancing and laughing and totally having fun.” 

Lynne’s friends are said to be thrilled for her, with one family pal saying: “Lynne is a dear, sweet person. She deserves happiness. As her friend, my wish for her would be a happy ending.” 

While Lynne and Jamie are now back together, it remains to be seen what Britney thinks of the news as she has previously spoken of her relief at her parents’ divorce.

She said: “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my family. My mom and dad, bottom line, do not get along. When I was a baby, they argued.” 

Watch this space… I doubt this will be the last we hear about this relationship.

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