Burglars Target Cheryl

BATD ON Feb 19, 2010 AT 11:23 am

Cheryl Cole

Talk about kicking someone when they are down, escaping from her marriage problems, Cheryl Cole headed to LA this week only to find now her home has been targeted by burglars. Cheryl had the windows in her £4 million Surrey mansion, forced open at 4.30am yesterday (18.02.10) while her husband Ashley Cole was asleep upstairs. After being disturbed, Ashley made a panicked telephone to police asking for help. He said: “Please come quick. Someone’s trying to break in.” Police arrived shortly after the call, but the intruders had already fled. Forensic experts were searching the mansion for clues yesterday (18.02.10).

It is believed the intruders may have been hoping to steal Cheryl’s wedding rings which are worth £310,000. She flew to Los Angeles on Wednesday without her expensive sparklers, following her husband Ashley Cole’s alleged infidelity with a blonde secretary.

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