Camila Alves

BATD ON Feb 04, 2010 AT 1:13 pm

Camila Alves

Camila Alves

Until recently, Matthew McConaughey was the epitome of a perpetual bachelor. This all changed when he met now-fiancée and mother of two Camila Alves.  There must be something special about this Brazilian model-turned-mom if she was the reason he sold his beached trailer bachelor pad and moved into a more respectable abode.

Though Alves’s career isn’t as extensive as her beau’s, she has definitely made her mark. With her successful modeling career on the backburner to take care of toddler Levi and newborn Vida, she has turned her attention elsewhere. She launched a line of purses, called Muxo, with her mother, and is also hosting Bravo’s reality show Shear Genius.

Though Alves and McConaughey have been engaged for a while, wedding bells aren’t in the plans. They seem to be in no hurry to walk down the aisle, and would instead spend time with their ever-growing family. We do hear that she has a 40 days no sex rule post giving birth, so her body can get back to normal. It’s a Brazilian tradition and Matthew has no say, she’s obviously got some pants on in that relationship – you go girl!

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