Cheryl Cole In Q

Mimi ON Dec 22, 2009 AT 11:46 am

Cheryl Cole In Q Magazine

Cheryl Cole In Q Magazine

Going all goth for her latest shoot in Q magazine Cheryl Cole reveals all, and it seems she still hasn’t got over her spat with Lily Allen. With wine stained lips and heavily lined eyes Cheryl poses adorned in studs and leather for her Sin City-esque shoot.

Referring to her pervious row with Lily she said: “She called my husband ‘horrendous’. Then she called Nicola ‘ugly’. For  a female artist to call you ugly is awful. Nicola’s been called ‘Ginger’ all her life, then she makes something of herself and everyone calls her the ‘ugly one’. I feel very protective of her and if that means I’m going to call Lily ‘whatever’, then I don’t care.”

Cheryl’s interview and new look will be featured in the February issue of Q magazine. We wonder what Lily will have to say?

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