Christina Steps Out

Mimi ON Apr 22, 2011 AT 10:05 am

Christina Aguilera - tucked and plucked.

Now we hate to say it (who’re we kidding? We love to say it!) but between the inch-thick layer of foundation and deep-fried hair, Christina Aguilera looks like a drag queen at the best of times.

However, we’ll give her a pass on this one because she was in LA this week to receive the first star on the Hollywood Gay Walk of Fame at The Abbey in West Hollywood.

Yes, that’s a thing that apparently exists now.

The star is currently working on American Idol competitor ‘The Voice’ as well as a new album after the commercial failure that was her last one, ‘Bionic’.

What do you think of Christina’s Mae-West-cum-RuPaul look here?

More importantly, why didn’t they give the first star to John Travolta?!

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