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BATD ON Jul 19, 2010 AT 2:27 pm

What Courtney Wore Today

What Courtney Wore Today

Courtney Love has┬árecently started her own fashion blogWhat Courtney Wore Today, which compromises of photos of her outfits complete with captions and commentary – and the 46-year-old star insists it will only be about clothes and nothing else as she trusts the team behind it.

Speaking about the site and her team, Courtney told WWD: “T is this girl from my management, a third-or fourth-row junior Tavi, who somehow likes rock ‘n’ roll, too, and ended up coming on the road with me until a few days ago, and L works at a fashion magazine. They are these little fashionistas.”

Courtney Love

“The rules of this are, I send pictures of what I wore that day, and they also have access to my files on my computer. A blog is full time, and my only condition is that I have to send them at least one picture a day. “They are doing their thing, and I haven’t been offended once in the past two days. I trust them not to screw me. T isn’t allowed to put up anything that would p**s anyone off, and there’s nothing to do with anyone’s personal life. It’s just random things, and it’s based on what I wore that day. The only thing I can think of is that it will make me do my hair more.”

We’d like more effort with make up too and a little concealer on the body bruising please Courtney!

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