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BATD ON Aug 11, 2009 AT 1:19 pm

David Mitchell in the Guardian

David Mitchell in the Guardian

If you missed David Mitchell’s fantastic piece in the Observer this weekend, we’ve got it here for you. Mitchell is so clever and funny, I love him, not the same romantic love I have for Ricky, but he’s brilliant nonetheless. This is his reaction to a Lion Bar survey.

Lion Bar Ice Cream commissioned a survey into what sort of men women find attractive, presumably in the forlorn hope that “a man with his face in a Lion Bar Ice Cream” or “those hunks made ripplingly obese by an ice cream-only diet” would be among the responses

Half of humanity received some much-needed assistance from an unexpected source last week. Out of the blue, Lion Bar Ice Cream leapt to the aid of men. Like maggots in a wound, they didn’t know they were helping – they thought they were just garnering some desperately needed publicity in an ice cream-unfriendly summer – but they may have contributed to saving the world’s males huge sums of money and an even greater expense of time and effort…

…And those 4,000 women are on our side as well. “Save yourselves!” they’re imploring. “It’s too late for us, but you could still avoid this fashion and body-image hell!” They’re right – it is too late for them. These customs are too ingrained: women will always be expected to shave their legs. Intellectually, I understand that it’s just an annoying, pointless faff but, like most men, and even though our forefathers must have happily fancied hairy-legged women for millennia, I find it a bit gross when they don’t. God forbid that most women should ever take the same view about back-waxing.

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