Ellie Goulding For SoBe

Mimi ON May 19, 2011 AT 11:34 am

Ellie Goulding for SoBe

Ellie Goulding for SoBe

This May, the famous US drink brand SoBe is hitting the UK. The newest SoBe face is none other than English-born Ellie Goulding, who will join the ranks of American endorsers like Naomi Campbell and Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr.

The SoBe brand was inspired by South Beach, Miami, where the Ellie Goulding campaign takes place. Facebook videos of Goulding promoting SoBe and discovering South Beach for the first time can be found at www.facebook.com/sobeuk.

The video shows Goulding interacting with Raven, a legendary South Beach runner, and Ana, a beach yoga instructor. The three discuss their active lifestyles (Goulding is an avid runner) and how SoBe’s vitamin-packed products help them stay healthy and active.

“I’m really excited to be working with SoBe to bring a taste of South Beach to the UK this summer,” Goulding said. “It was amazing to spend some time filming out there and really get under the skin of this cool and vibrant place.”

Seems that Royal Wedding appearance might have done wonders for Ellie’s endorsement career!

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