Emanuel Ungaro Says His Piece

Mimi ON Nov 12, 2009 AT 11:26 am

Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro

Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro

Things go from bad to worse for Lindsay Lohan, yes her debut collection for Emanuel Ungaro was widely criticised and now she’s had a public dressing down by the man behind the label. Yes Emanuel referred to the collection as a ‘disaster’ and went on to tell press ‘I’m furious’.

Emanuel founded the fashion house in 1965, but sold it upon retirement in 2005, and he now seems to want to distance himself from the label saying: “ I have absolutely no link with that house” and that it is “on its way to losing its soul.” Lindsay presented her first collection at Paris Fashion Week. Perhaps you better stick to your day job LiLo…what is that again?

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