Eva Snags Ryan In Paris

Mimi ON Nov 28, 2011 AT 12:33 pm

Ryan and Eva

Ryan and Eva in Paris

Okay, Eva Mendes, we get it. You’ve snagged one of the sexiest men alive. But do you really have to rub it in our faces? After seeing the most recent pictures of the female actress with our beloved Ryan Gosling in Paris, we’d really like to go back to the time when Ryan’s only love was his dog, George.

The couple, who’ve been dating since September after meeting on the set of their new film, The Place Beyond the Pines, were seen strolling around Paris, where the actress is filmingĀ her new movie, Holly Motors.

Ryan literally traveled the ocean to see his new girlfriend and was seen holding a single red rose meant for his new beau. The couple walked hand-in-hand, dined at the Eiffel Tower’s swanky restaurant, and then embraced under the tower’s sparkling lights later on in the evening.

Ryan and Eva stroll arm in arm around Paris

It may be time to finally come to terms with the fact that Ryan Gosling is no longer single, and that we may not live happily ever after with our dream man, but we’re not going to stop hoping that he’ll toss Mendes and find his way back to the woman we all know he’s meant to be with… Allie Hamilton (a quick nod to all the Notebook lovers out there).

To see all the torturous pics, click here.

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