Evan Rachel Wood

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Evan Rachel Wood

There have been a lot of recent changes in Evan Rachel Wood’s life. She was engaged to shock rocker Marilyn Manson, cementing their on-again off-again relationship, and she will be guest starring in True Blood at the end of this season.

Growing up in Raleigh, NC, Wood started going by all three names because her mother didn’t want people to think she was a boy, although she doesn’t particularly like her middle name. Unlike the other girls in her classes, she didn’t excel at dancing, so she started doing Tae Kwon Do with her brother until she mastered the black belt. When she was 10, her parents got a divorce, so, making the best of a bad situation, Wood moved to California with her mother.

Marilyn Manson with Evan

In California, Wood was able to pursue her acting career, playing occasional roles on TV shows like American Gothic and Once and Again. Her first full-length film was Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. In 2003, Wood starred in her breakthrough movie role, as Tracy Louise Freeland in Thirteen, a role for which she nominated for a Golden Globe. She then began doing smaller, independent films, such as Running with Scissors and King of California.

Wood’s favourite film she ever worked on was Across the Universe, opposite Jim Sturgess. Featuring only Beatles music, Wood enjoyed the musical so much she eventually got a Beatles inspired tattoo on her ankle. She had always loved Beatles music, and working on this movie was like fulfilling one of her greatest dreams.

In 2007, Wood met her current fiancée while filming Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Caroll, which Manson directed. Married to Dita Von Teese at the time, Manson admits that Wood was partially the reason for his divorce. Having been in Greenday and Bright Eyes music videos, Wood starred in Manson’s video for Heart Shaped Glasses, a song he wrote for her. Wood has described this moment as the most romantic of her life. The couple broke up in 2009, but this February, during his concert in Paris, Manson proposed on stage. It was also his 41st birthday.

The last two episodes of True Blood’s second season and all of the third season, Wood will play Sophie-Ann, the vampire queen of Louisana. Her character has been described as ruthless and wise and someone no one ever really wants around.

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