George’s Track Gets The Nod

Mimi ON Apr 14, 2011 AT 4:34 pm

George Michael

George Michael

George Michael has had his royal wedding song approved by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The ‘Faith’ singer has had the royal seal of approval for the track – a cover of a 70s song, which he has yet to reveal the title of – which he will make available as a free download tomorrow (15.04.11), two weeks before the couple marry on April 29.

He tweeted yesterday: “As it turns out, while I was singing I got a text saying they liked the song – which is the only green light I cared about! Hooray!! What a fantastic day. I’ll go to bed a happy, lucky man (sic).”

In another series of messages today, he added: “I’m up early because I only have one more day to finish the track if I’m going to give you all the song by Friday!

“Vocal was pretty much done last night. Got home at 1.30am – sang it live with my piano player. Today is all about overdubs, so excited!”

Though George is giving the track away for free, he has urged fans to make a donation to the charity set up by the couple in lieu of receiving wedding gifts.

He added: “I could have put it out on but I want Will and Kate to know that this a genuine gift, not a promo exercise. So I called the man who first tweeted me, (Piers Morgan!) and asked him to help me make good my twitter promise (sic)!

“Second important thing – William and Kate have asked that anybody who was thinking of getting them a gift should instead make a donation… To

“Song is downloadable FOR FREE late tomorrow night on, but I would be SO PROUD of my fans if they could make there own donation! (sic)”

Earlier this week, George teased about the track saying it is a “beautiful song” and “was written in the seventies by a genius”.

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