Get the Bank Holiday Dirt

Mimi ON May 03, 2011 AT 9:00 am

There was so much going on in the real world this weekend (Royals, Osama…) that you may have forgotten to check in with the world of gossip during your Bank Holiday!

Feeling behind? Fear not – we’ve collected the juciest stories over the weekend, all in one spot for you to enjoy.

Click below for the Bank Holiday Dirt!

January Jones is pregnant! We have no idea who the father is and she’s not telling.

Demi Moore’s 17-year-old daughter busted for underage drinking.

Gaga’s ‘Judas’ will premiere 5th May.

Mariah Carey finally had her babies.

Donald Trump gets served in the White House.

ScarJo and Sean Penn make it official.

Who wore it better? Pippa Middleton vs. Cameron Diaz.

Glee is ‘gay propoganda’.

Michael Jackson’s kids are taking acting classes.

There, are we all up to speed now? Good!

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