Get The Weekend Dirt

Mimi ON Apr 26, 2011 AT 8:50 am

While we wouldn’t blame you for giving the laptop a rest during the gorgeous weekend, it’s time to catch up on all the gossip you missed! Priorities, people!

We’ve scoured the web to find the best stories over the weekend so sit back, sip some coffee and prepare to shake your head and tut a lot.


Charlie Sheen is Justin Beiber’s most influential person.

The Royal Wedding (ugh, I know – still one week to go…) will be booze free – too bad, Harry!

Lindsay Lohan thinks her judge is out to get her.

The US Armed Forces are all kinds of fierce.

Fergie continues her filler-abuse.

Lady Gaga’s still a loser.

Ryan Phillipe is ready to quit acting.

Katy Perry still can’t sing (but she sure looks hot!).

David Beckham plays Easter Bunny for a day, ovaries the world-over explode.

Will Paula Abdul be Simon’s final judge?

Cher Lloyd’s collaborating with Busta Rhymes. Really.

Michael Buble Sucks.

Katie Price survives a car crash – horses not so lucky.

First pics from J-Los new music video.


There, now you’re all up to speed! Guess it’s time to answer all those neglected work emails…

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