Global Gossip 04.09.2009: Part 2

BATD ON Sep 04, 2009 AT 11:19 am

Forget being an international pop star, wants to jack it all in to become, wait for it, an American football player. He has taken to his blog to beg for a chance to try out for the Miami Dolphins. He said, “I always wanted to play football, from the age of 10 that was my dream. I always loved the game of American football. I’m sad that I never followed my football dreams. Lately I’ve been thinking, is it too late to do it now? No way! I want to try out for the Miami Dolphins.” You can really smell’s desperation as he goes on to say just how fast he is, “I am extremely fast and I’m proud of it. I take pride in my cheetah speed. So I want to put this talent to use.” Umm we’re thinking don’t wait on their call as you may be waiting for quite some time.

Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz

Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz

Oh the pressures of La La Land are just too much for some, we hear that Pete Wentz and Ashley Simpson have had enough of the city of angles and are moving. Pete said, “Once you have a kid it’s a little bit different. You’re more protective. You want them to have a normal life, or as normal as possible. We’re going to figure out moving somewhere that’s a little less public. But we still got to be close enough where we can work. There’ll be too many paparazzi and you’ll get mobbed. You’re just trying to protect your wife or your kid. It’s just frustrating.” Well if you want to be famous you have to take the rough with the smooth, that includes the paps and complete loss of privacy.

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