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Heidi with Britney at her 27th brithday

Heidi with Britney at her 27th brithday

Heidi Klum wants Britney Spears to be a judge on ‘Project Runway’. The supermodel – who hosts the hit US TV fashion show – reportedly thinks an appearance from Britney would dramatically increase the programme’s popularity. After meeting up with Britney at her 27th birthday party in New York’s Tenjune nightclub this week, sources say Heidi is keen to ask the singer to appear on an upcoming episode of the series. Seriously Heidi we can only assume you had one too many cocktails that night. Yes Britney does have rather unusual fashion sense, let’s make that none but I don’t think it’s the kind of fashion influence the contestants sould be aiming for.

It’s enough to make you sick isn’t it, some of these kids aren’t even 20 and yet they’re taking home close to 10 million! But it’s Beyonce Knowles who has topped a list of young rich stars earning a cool £55 million. Keira Knightley, 23, was the highest-earning young British star, with earnings of £22 million. Both the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘High School Musical’ franchises helped three of their young stars make the list.

Forbes magazine 2008 highest earners under 30:

1. Beyonce Knowles (£55 million) 2. Justin Timberlake (£30 million) 3. Kobe Bryant (£26.8 million) 4. LeBron James (£26.1 million) 5. Roger Federer (£24.1 million) 6. Keira Knightley (£22 million) 7. Maria Sharapova (£17.9 million) 8. Daniel Radcliffe (£17.2 million) 9. Miley Cyrus (£17.2 million) 10. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (£10.3 million) 11. Serena Williams (£9.6 million) 12. Venus Williams (£8.9 million) 13. Katherine Heigl (£8.9 million) 14. Jonas Brothers (£8.25 million) 15. Zac Efron (£4 million) 16. Emma Watson (3.78 million) 17. Ashley Tisdale (£3.78 million 18. Hillary Duff (£3.4 million) 19. Rupert Grint (£3.4 million) 20. Vanessa Hudgens (£2.1 million)

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