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Could it be the pitter patter of tiny feet for Samantha Jones

Could it be the pitter patter of tiny feet for Samantha Jones

With the ever increasing shots from the set of Sex and the City the sequel we can hardly contain our excitement. Our moles on the set have heard rumours that Kim Cattrall’s character tries to get pregnant in the new ‘Sex and the City’ movie.

The actress – who plays sex-obsessed PR guru Samantha Jones in the hit film and TV series – was spotted carrying her script for the highly-anticipated film which revealed her alter-ego is using testosterone hormones, which are sometimes taken to help women conceive.

In one scene between Samantha and her assistant Meghan, the blonde maneater knocks over a container of hormones and orders Meghan to go and get some more.

Samantha tells her: “I’m going to need you to go on a testosterone run.” Meghan replies: “I’ll do it first thing tomorrow.”
However, Samantha is not impressed and informs her: “I’ll call the pharmacy and tell them you are on your way.” As well as pregnancy rumours, Samantha’s ex-boyfriend Smith Jerrod – played by Jason Lewis – is to make a return after she dumped him at the end of the last movie.

The new ‘Sex and the City’ film will be released next May 2010.

Ugly Betty gets Glam

Ugly Betty gets Glam

Where are the braces and bushy brows? Betty is that really you? It appears that in the new series of Ugly Betty America Ferrera’s on-screen alter-ego gets a glam make-over.

Spotted filming on location, the only sign of the old Betty is her favourite B necklace and a hint of her miss-match styling. The hair is sleek though, styled into a glossy side-parting, and her ensemble noticeably pared-down.

We hear that the transformation is due to Betty’s promotion she receives at Mode Magazine. Taking Betty’s place as Daniel’s assistant is Soprano’s actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

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