Global Gossip 17.07.09: Part 2

BATD ON Jul 17, 2009 AT 11:37 am

Kylie Minogue and model Andres Velencoso

Kylie Minogue and model Andres Velencoso

Who’d have thought Kylie Minogue was the violent type? The singer reportedly hit her boyfriend during a blazing public row. Kylie apparently slapped Spanish model Andres Velencoso in the face during an argument outside the B Bar, in New York, earlier this week.

An onlooker said: “At some point, Kylie and Andres got separated. When Kylie found him, she slapped him in the face with a fan. Then she yelled at him for making her wait outside while he stayed inside and got another drink.” Very diva like behaviour!

Despite their heated bust-up, the couple are expected to confirm their engagement soon. The ‘Wow’ singer is even converting to Catholicism so she can have a traditional church wedding to Andres, 31, who she has dated since last November.  Maybe Kylie better hold off on that big white dress if she continues her erratic behaviour.

Eva Longoria Parker with husband Tony

Eva Longoria Parker with husband Tony

Ahhh Eva Longoria and husband Tony Parker are just a pair of happy campers. According to the Daily Mail, the Desperate Housewives actress was spotted emerging from inside a tent on an unassuming campsite in Normandy.

‘Sleeping under canvas obviously agreed with her. She looked gorgeous,’ a fellow camper told the paper.

Maybe the credit crunch is hitting celebs more than we thought.

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