Global Gossip 28.09.09: Part 2

BATD ON Sep 28, 2009 AT 11:52 am

Tension on the set of Sex and the City

Tension on the set of Sex and the City

With the filming for Sex and the City the sequel in full swing it seems that things have heated up between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. With a series of spats on set and bitchy back-stabbing we hear the feud is making life for everyone hell. ‘While the cast is all smiles on the outside, the level of dislike is unbelievable. No one is having a good time on this shoot,’ a backstage source reveals to Star magazine.

But the atmosphere is said to be so bad, that SJP has earned herself a cruel new nickname. The source says, ‘The crew have taken to calling her Carrie Sadshaw. When she doesn’t have to be ‘on’ in her scenes, she looks so sad.’ The unpleasant tension on set has spread to the other cast members, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, too. ‘Kim has been taken every chance to snipe. You could cut the tension with a knife. Their fighting has also made Cynthia and Kristin miserable,’ adds the source.

Oh come on ladies, play nicely we’re sure there are more then enough Manolo Blahniks to go round… 



Speaking of celebrity spats we hear Beyonce had Lindsay Lohan thrown out of her own dressing room because the singer wanted it for herself. The former Destiny’s Child star was performing at the F1 Rocks concert in Singapore over the weekend and had ordered her entourage to get her the largest dressing area backstage.

However, Lindsay – who was hosting the event for British TV network Channel 4 – had already claimed the room for herself as she arrived before and was left upset when she was told she would have to vacate it. Lindsay told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “I’ve been a bit down. It was a strange night. Everyone was being aggressive and bothering me. I really didn’t like it.”

In the lead up to her performance, Beyonce made her support acts sweat as she wouldn’t allow them to use her air conditioning. Although temperatures backstage approached 90 degrees and people were passing out, Beyonce’s entourage refused to switch on her personal air cooling fans as they were just for her. We never thought Beyonce was the diva type, we were obviously wrong.

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